Band Bios


Colonel Obadiah Gunn


A veteran stage and film performer of more than 40 years, Carlos Santiago is also the personal manager and co-producer of national touring band "V Is for Villains, as well as his current show, "Colonel Obadiah Gunn's Wild West Music Show". Carlos has also performed in and produced countless shows across the United States, Central America and Europe. He has performed musical celebrity impersonations such as Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Elton John, The Blues Brothers and Frank Sinatra, at Biloxi's Treasure Bay Casino, Bally's Casino in New Orleans, Hollywood Casino and more, as well as performances down on world famous Bourbon Street in New Orleans. For several years Carlos was also the vocalist for The Blue Stars Orchestra, based in Biloxi Mississippi.

Film Credits:

Gotham City Police - Batman Begins with Christian Bale
Professional Businessman - Derailed with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston
Doctor - Ali with Will Smith
S.W.A.T Team Member - Fox's Series Premier of Prison Break

Stage Credits:

Lead Role - Sky Masterson - Guys and Dolls - KNS Productions - Saenger Theater Biloxi Ms
Lead Role - Lancelot Du Lac - Camelot - Saenger Theater Biloxi Ms

Production Experience:

Show production/directing, acting, scriptwriting, songwriting, set design and construction, video production, stage and "Hollywood" style make-up and costuming. Illustrator/Artist.

Specialized Skills:

Graphic Illustrator; Computer Based Artwork; Mural Artist; Logo Design; Multi-media painter using watercolor, acrylics, oils; WebsiteDesign and Flash Intros and Banners; Photographer and photo editing; Videographer and video editing; Songwriting and sound design; Jingles, Voice-overs and Commercials; Costume design and creation; Make-up specialist; Event Character Design and Creation; Event Marketing

Now Carlos Santiago has created a brand new stage band "Colonel Gunn's Wild West Music Show" featuring a non-stop, fun filled musical tribute to some of yesteryears best memories. A combination of classic rock music, classic country pop and good old fashioned cowyboy tunes from history, movies and televison shows. Carlos is currently working on a soon to be completed and published fiction novel "The Legend of Colonel Obadiah Gunn".



LAURA PESCE SCOTT - Dallas Darling traveled throughout the country singing and dancing her way west until she joined Colonel Obadiah Gunn's Wild West Music Show.

Laura is a veteran singer of 30 years. Performing in a variety of locations throughout the country, she has established herself as a well respected vocalist with a wide range of unlimited abilities.



Genevieve Pastore currently performers as a rock vocalist in the Chicago Land area.  She is a groupie of Puddles Pity Party and has met him twice.  The only other performer that compares to him would be David Bowie, who Genevieve saw live when she was 8 years old.

Genevieve has a background in theater: acting, producing, assistant directing, stage manager, sound design, front of house and props.  She has been apart of the following productions: Into The Woods, Jesus Christ Superstar, Little Shop of Horrors, The Drowsy Chaperone, Chicago, To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday, Oliver, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, A Walk in the Woods, City of Angels, Visiting Mr. Green, A Streetcar Named Desire, Anna In the Tropics, The Real Inspector Hound, Wizard of Oz, Hello Dolly, A Christmas Carol, Romeo and Juliet, Rodgers and Hart, A Musical Review, Wiley and the Hairy Man, George M, Little Mary Sunshine.

Genevieve has received the following awards:

Wheaton Drama 2010 Performance of “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” Special Standing Ovation Award

Wheaton Drama 2010 Performance of “To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday” Special Standing Ovation Award for work on prop design and stage manager.

Wheaton Drama 2009 Rookie of the Year Award. Given to one person a year Genevieve was very grateful to receive this.

Wheaton Drama 2009 Performance of “Streetcar Named Desire” Special Standing Ovation Award This award was presented to Genevieve from the president of Wheaton Drama, for Genevieve’s excellent work, dedication and for always going up over and beyond.

Wheaton Drama 2009 Performance of “City of Angels” Special Standing Ovation Award.  This award was presented to Genevieve from the president of Wheaton Drama for Props.

Genevieve loves to karaoke and finds it saddening that it is a vanishing art.  She mostly sings Karaoke online when her four children go to bed.



This isn't Theresa's first Rodeo with the stage, costuming and music. Up until now she has been behind the scenes, making costumes, jewelry and even masks in support of her show biz family. Her husband Carlos A. Santiago (aka Colonel Gunn) has been performing since they first met in Riverside, California
Her never ending support to both her husband and kids has helped them to become the stage personalities that they are today. Her two grown sons, Nick and Jon Santiago, head up the band known as V is for Villains. All costumed characters, they take after their Dad,  who tries to provide the best on stage experience for their fans.
​As McKenna Gunn, "Terri" will be performing duties as the Stage Wrangler, managing behind the scenes events, as well as occasionally taking center stage to help fill in wherever needed. She's the best of the best! 



 The professor is the most unlikely member of the Riders, which is what attracted the Colonel to him. The Colonel found him hiding from Texas Rangers in a New Mexico cantina called "La Casa De Diablo". He appears to be somewhat of a Dandy with his fancy vest, derby hat, and trademark spats, but that just belies his function in the Riders. His digital dexterity on the saloon piano distracts the law from his other talent.

The Professor is secretly known to the Riders as "Frankie Fingers", and he plies his special talents on safe tumblers when the Colonel's mission gets low on cash. He may not be the meanest, roughest, toughest hombre, but he is one slick and sneaky dude! GREG STONE
Greg found his talent at the ripe old age of five. After formal training, years of 'a cappella' singing, a stint of knocking around Chicago area venues, and graduation from Elmhurst College, he has worked in various genres and bands. He is excited to be a part of the entertainment package being produced by Colonel Gunn.



Maxie James is known throughout the country as one of the hottest guitar players around. .

Max is the backbone of the shows eclectic guitar sound. An experienced player and instructor, Max brings the best of classic rock, country and cowboy tunes to life.



Marty Bergerud started playing guitar at 9 years old. Marty has been part of the Chicago music scene ever since. Marty has played guitar, bass and flute with bands such as The New Society Band, Razzmatazz, The Atomic Martinis and The Niche to name a few. Marty's wife Janet also is a musician and they enjoy making music together. Marty (Mad Dog) is very happy to be part of the Colonel Gunn Show playing upright and electric bass.

RINGO -  "The Drumslinger"


One snowy Sunday evening, just after 7:00pm on February 9th, 1964 Michaels life changed when he discovered that his calling was to be a musician. He began taking drum lessons. Violin lessons and coronet lessons, but soon realized that he had the heart of a drummer. That is where he has concentrated his musical efforts ever since.
Born in Chicago, Illinois he formed his first musical group in 2nd grade which played their first gig at a local community center in the uptown neighborhood of the city. Moving to the suburb of Oak Park in 4th grade he progressed to the school band and orchestra. He continued his pursuit of music in elementary school as well as production and stage craft through high school.
After school he remained involved in the local music scene. He also dreamed of a career in public service and after receiving his certification from Loyola Medical Center, he worked on the rescue support ambulance. After 2 1/2 years of service he was awarded his captains bars from the Emergency Service and Disaster Agency. He also succeeded to fulfill another dream with a career in law enforcement in which he served 27 years.
He has been involved in a multitude of local bands, including The Windy City Band, Knight, SamIAm and most notably, The Stanleys, an all original power pop group. He has extensive live stage performance, studio and production experience and has shared the stage with such notable names as The Ides of March, Sam & Dave, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Bruno Mars.
In the mid 90’s, The Stanleys recorded a demo at Short Order Recorder in Zion, IL with Jeff Murphy of Shoes. It was after those sessions, in 1996 where it was reported that drummer Jimmy Chamberlin of The Smashing Pumpkins was ill and unable to play. It was in that instant that Michael was offered a chance to tour with the band. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons he was unable to make the commitment necessary. Ultimately he sadly and regrettably could not accept their offer.
He continued playing and getting involved with local musicians and projects. Several years later he took the position as “Ringo” in the Chicago based band The English Channel, a tribute to the music of the early Beatles where he recorded and performed for the next 15 years until the group disbanded. He then met and ultimately joined up as a “Gunn Rider” in Colonel Gunn’s Wild West Music Show. Again as “Ringo”! The Drumslinger happily rides out this challenging, exciting and fun position.